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As Eckhart Tolle said, 'The world can only change from within.'

Keeping this in mind, we at Rise are trying to ignite a fire that changes the way we perceive society. To achieve this goal, we will conduct one seminar each month at schools, colleges, societies, neighbourhoods, remand homes, and other places of relevance.  These seminars will cover the following topics:

a) Question everything: Blind faith can tear apart the strongest society.

b) Do one good thing everyday: An act of kindness makes someone's day.

c) Serve your nation and be proud of it.

d) Be the real friend.

These four topics will be the crux of the seminar, while the team will modify the matter on the basis of the age group and interests of the audience, which will have to be relayed at least 10 days prior to the session. 

Team Rise will hold only ONE seminar per month, hence it is necessary to contact us before hand along with a permission from the concerned authorities (such as your school, college, office, etc.)

Contact the Activity Head to book a Rise Seminar. (Team Rise > Committee > Activity Head)

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