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Water and Milk for new-born kittens!

In the vicinity appx 3-4 new kittens have taken birth and their mother cannot produce enough milk to feed them so we have taken the initiave to feed them extra milk and water twice a day..!!

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Pasti Abhiyaan

Our team has started a new initiative of going to peoples houses and collecting pasti consisting of news papers, bottles, extra waste items etc... and than selling it and gathering money through which we can buy books, blankets etc for the poor and needy ones...!!!

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Food for the poor

This old man sleeps under my building and there is nobody to take care of him or give him food and is in a miserable state. My family members and I regularly provide him with food, juice, fruits, water etc.

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Food for the mute

It feels like immense pleasure when you give food to that part of society who can neither ask nor beg for their food

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An invaluable smile.

Saw this man at Nariman Point. Pleading each and every person to buy a balloon from him. He wasn't begging and seeing him working hard for his money inspired me to no end. I felt like doing my bit for him. I gave him some money, food and an ice cream, and in return, I saw that million dollar smile and also the blessings that he gave me with all his heart. Plus, that kids smile was priceless.

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Free wellness camp

A free wellness camp was organized in Kandivali where more than 300 people were successfully treated for their joint pains etc. free of cost. Amongst them were people who were not able to walk and were accompanied by family members, and after treatment went home without the wheel chair. Also few of them who hadn't got up on their own feet from the past few years were successful in standing and walking around, with immense pride. 

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Rise for the old age.

Admitted an old age person in an orphanage at jogeshwari who had been removed from his house by his family members after the death of his son.. *pictorial representation

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