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Being one of the founders at Rise, it's my responsibility as well as pleasure to be doing these little things every now and then to spread a smile. Looking forward to add more members to my team so that we can achieve a lot more in terms of results. If you wish to join my team, get in touch with me. (My contact is displayed on the committee page.)- Nukul Jain.

Sunita and fam!

A car recently ran over Sunita and she can barely walk. Her parents try their best to feed the 5 member family, but fail to do so on some occasions. Tried to do my bit by giving them what they wanted to eat for the evening.

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Food for thought.

Gave away a little food from my breakfast to this underprivileged yet happy family. They felt so thankful that it made me think of all those times blessed souls like you and me waste food because we are too full. Hope this inspires you to pledge against wasting food.

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Books Galore!

Gave away all the unused books and blank pages to my maid Aunty. In exchange, she promised to educate her children till they graduate. There are so many ways in which we can encourage education.

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Beti Padhao.

Took up the education expenses of these 2 pretty girls that reside in Kanjurmarg. No greater joy than seeing them happily study in school. Hope I inspire a few of you to do the same. Doesn't take much. :)

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Kabootar aa! :D

Seeing pigeons sit in the gallery in the Mumbai heat, my mother installed this little pot with the help of the carpenter. She fills water in it everyday and grains sometimes, which helps these little birds quench their thirst easily. Little things :D

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Anup poses for the paparazzi!

Singing and dancing along the footpath's of Vikhroli, despite being hungry for the last 2 days, all Anup taught me was how we could look beyond the imperfections of life and make the most of what we have. All I did was gave him a little to eat, and that poor-rich guy, said 'Jeete raho!'. I don't know which of us gave more.

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