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I want to join Rise. How should I do it?

Just follow 3 easy steps and you can be a proud Risean.

1. Register as a member on the website.

2. Form your own team (college, rotaracts or any other group of friends) and register it on the website.

3. Do one small act of humanity/ generosity/ kindness on the last Sunday of each month, take a picture and upload the details to your Team Page on the website. (This can be shared by you and your friends on Facebook too)

Sounds easy, convenient and inspiring? So what are you thinking, REGISTER NOW.

Can I lead Rise activities in my city?

We believe in building a nation wide community of Riseans.

For this purpose, we welcome people from all parts of the country who want to take the initiative to bring about a change in their vicinity.

If you wish to do the same, please write to us- connect@riseforhumanity.com

It is leaders like you that help us grow and move towards our goal of forming a responsible youth body. Let us know if you have other friends/ relatives who can lead Rise in their respective areas.

What does Rise want to achieve?

Rise wants to get the youth to the forefront. We are working towards building a responsible community of the youth which has the intent of taking India forward. Specifically, we are trying to make every person to do a little good in their personal capacity. At the same time, we are trying to educate the youth brigade by way of seminars and discussion panels.

What does Rise do?

We operate majorly from our website, allowing members to do small yet responsible activities to show them to the world. This helps us make social service 'trendy'. At the same time, the core team will carry out seminars and discussions in schools, colleges and other institutions. Other events (like you will see in our 'Events' section, based on varied social issues, will be carried out from time to time and all members would be informed about the same.

Why should I join ?

Being a part of Rise has multiple benefits like networking with the right people, social work certification, building your Resume, access to fun events, etc. But above all, the inner peace and satisfaction of doing something good or spreading a smile is just what matters. You need not necessarily do this only at Rise,but you must do it for sure.

What kind of activities can I take up?

You can take up a bunch of activities to do your bit for the society. The following activities aren't guidelines, but suggestive projects:

a)     Organize a clean-up drive in your area/society/neighbourhood.

b)     Hold a health check-up camp

c)       Organize a Health/Fitness/Sports Day in your area

d)     Collect food from neighbouring houses and give it to a person in need.

e)     Visit an old age home/orphanage/Home for the destitute and spend some time with the inmates

f)       Highlight any suspicious activities in your area

g)     Set up a mini library in your society premises

h)     Feed the stray animals; tie up with a local veterinarian for their care

i)       Organize a tree plantation drive

j)       Take up a wall painting activity for dirty walls

k)     Book/clothing donations

l)       Teaching in areas of need

m)   Notebook making (out of left over paper from notebooks, etc.)

n)     Set up clean water sources for the watchmen/workers in your area

o)     Support education of the lesser privileged (watchmen/maid’s kids)

p)     Donate old equipment and gadgets to the underprivileged.

You are free to come up with any other activity of your choice, to help make our society a better place to live in!

Will the donations be eligible for any Tax deductions?

No. Though we have initiated the process of getting the 80G Tax deduction certificate, it may take some time to be issued to us.

Why do I have to pay membership fees?

As you know, a charitable organization cannot run without adequate monetary aid. We use these membership fees for various purposes ranging from donations, helping the needy, seminars to helping towards disaster relief, etc. 

What is the difference between a volunteer and a member?

A volunteer will be invited to help for specific activities and events as and when they are required and available. Members will be an integral part of all our activities and their efforts will be recognized and rewarded. You can visit the respective pages (Register as Member/ Volunteer) for more information.

Can your team take up a seminar at my request?

We take up only one seminar every month. You will have to inform us in advance of your plans to organize a seminar. We will surely oblige at the earliest possible time.

What type of organization is Rise?

Rise is registered as a non-profit company under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

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