Team Spirit

Namastey uncle


Over the last month or so, the team members started noticing a homeless man sitting in a pile of garbage and some belongings, close to the NMMC Headquarters situated in Belapur. Naturally, our first instinct was to try and speak to him and know what caused him to live there. Armed with food and clothes, the members went to meet him and tried to get to know him better. However, every time we asked him what could we to help you make your living conditions better, he would politely join his hands and give a sad smile, which is why we started calling him 'Namastey Uncle'. A man of few words, we realized he understood Marathi from the little things he said to us. Sadly though, when one of us went to check on him on the evening of the 2nd of April, we were shocked to find he was no longer there. We just hope that wherever he is, he's living a peaceful and healthy life, and that our daily interactions with him have led him to believe that this world has the capability to be a better, and a more selfless place.

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