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About us

About Us

Rise is a body of the youth, by the youth and for the youth.

As the name suggests, we aim to Rise above hatred, communal conflicts, corruption, gender inequality and such other evils that play a regressive role in our development.

Rise wishes to build a community of the youth which acts responsibly in nation building by doing the smallest of things. It could be a cleanliness drive in your society or just a donation for farmers. It could be something as small yet significant as casting one's vote responsibly. We strongly believe that the youth can contribute greatly and keep the corrupt under check. We can get things done and all we need to do is Rise to the occasion. We want each and every such enthusiastic individual to leave behind a better world, in order to ensure that we pass on a better present to the future. We want the youth to be the leaders of change.

If you think you are one such individual and want to join us in our effort, REGISTER NOW!

Our History

Rise was conceptualized in 2013 by a group of friends who wanted to make Mumbai a safer place for women to live in. This motivation led them to encourage many more to join the movement for creating awareness about gender equality. Gradually, they led a group of more than 4000 college students from across Mumbai for Rise's first campaign. These students went out and spoke to individuals about how they could bring small changes into their daily lives and make the city better for women. The campaign was a great success and that was what motivated us to grow from strength to strength and we went on to take up varied causes to serve society. 2 years and multiple events later,in November 2015, we decided to open this up for all those who wanted to make a difference in the smallest possible way.


When we have endless problems like poverty, unemployment, and corruption among many others, we at Rise believe that communalism shouldn't be one. Moreover, the need of the hour is to work together for a better tomorrow, which is only possible when we eliminate everything that divides. This obviously does not mean all of us should be athiests, infact it stresses on the importance of god and that is exactly why we don't want to divide the almighty further. Being part of this initiative would have the following implications:
1. Not discriminating between persons based on their religious beliefs/ caste/ creed, etc.
2. Not endorsing or promoting any superstitious or baseless religious practices or mal practices
3. Not participating in any religion based protest or campaign that promotes hatred or arouses animosity
5. Practicing the religion of your choice while taking the best from all others, without hurting the feelings of anybody else.

Donate Now

We are working towards education, upliftment of the poor, social equality, community development and nation building through small yet responsible participation from the youth. To do this, we need your time and money. It goes without saying that each penny that you contribute will be efficiently put to use by our team and we shall keep you updated with our activities through social media. As we like to believe, the art of living is hidden in the art of giving. If you are that lazy person who wants to do good but doesn't have the time, we're there to help you help. Go ahead, be generous enough and transfer the money to our bank account mentioned below:

Want to Donate? The art of living is in the art of giving.

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